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Dispatch from Long Island:

So here I am, smack in the middle of Long Island (well, actually, only about a block from the water, right on the south edge of it). Arrived late last night after a fun 12 hours of flights (whoohoo) and more sitting on my ass than I ever care to do again. The weather here's not as oppressively muggy as I'd expected; there was a great low-lying mist last night on my arrival, but today broke clear and brilliant and it's stayed that way all day.

Went for a good long run this morning to shake the restlessness out of my sedentary legs after such a long day sitting. I'm constantly surprised by the lushness of the vegetation here. All I'd known of Long Island from the other 2 or 3 times I'd been here was traffic, interstates, and more traffic. Not fun. But I'll say, here in the quiet little idyllic town where Meliss & Matt live, it's all clapboard houses and verdant green lawns and heavy-hanging boughs and blue hydrangeas swooning all over the place. It's enough to make a girl take back everything bad she's ever muttered under her breath. Ran to the local marina and found it full of boats and bandshells and kids on swings (very different from the Marina in SF, which tends to be thronged with Banana Republic models and overpriced laptops and bored mommies pushing strollers in the middle of the afternoon).

Today Meliss and I picked up her gown and did all the other last-minute things a bride's supposed to do. (It's gorgeous, naturally). I feel like I'm getting a lesson in How To Be A Chick. Make-up and new shoes and gowns and manicures, oh my. It's enough for this cynic to crumble...especially after losing myself in the gala collection of sparkles and sequins and ruffles and satins that was the bridal shop, which reminded me of being lost in the Lincoln High costume department in the old guts of the building back when I was seventeen or so. Hi, my name is Rachel, and I am a sucker for big fluffy dresses. It's out. I admit it. I can't hide from the reality any more.

So now it's breaking in the wedding heels (a great look with my linen cargo pants and tank top tonight) and hammering out the last details of the ceremony and crossing the last bits off all of the lists. It's summer on Long Island and we're having a wedding. And in spite of myself, I'm really digging it.


Mariah said…
Have fun tomorrow sis - best of luck with the old Rev Rach bit!

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