Raw, Idiom: b. Informal. in the nude; naked: sunbathing in the raw

Well, let's see. I guess there's plenty going on. The Tonys were Sunday night - "Spring Awakening," fantastic. Paris Hilton is back in her basic jail cell, her unexplained "medical condition" apparently having eased a bit. It's Flag Day, which means everyone's rolling out the stars and stripes (*vomit*). And I've just read that Sondheim's "Company" revival will be closing July 1st, which means I won't be able to catch it when I'm in New York next month. Damn.

As for SF, it's hot. H-O-T, hot. High of 85 today and sunny. Recipe for a long run this afternoon. Which is convenient considering I've been swimming around in a kind of unsettled state that, loosely translated, means I can't seem to sit down and write for more than a few minutes, and if I do, I am convinced it's shit and it's already been written and what's the point, really, anyway?

In the meantime, SF is preparing for the Pride party next week, which means the City suddenly becomes a big hubbub of techno music and parades and leather chaps. This is fabulous. Hopefully the weather will stick.

Here's a link to something I heard about earlier this week. Crushpad Winery, here in the City, where you can make your own wine and label and whatnot. I met a cute couple the other day who'd received this as a wedding gift and so, on their first anniversary, they sat and drank their very own wine in celebration. Charming. If you've got an extra $5000 floating around, you definitely need to look into it. They're apparently having an open house this weekend.


Matt said…
"It's Flag Day, which means everyone's rolling out the stars and stripes (*vomit*)."

Wow. Really? Your disdain for the gluttony that is the American Way of Life extends to anti-patriotism? How surprising.

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