Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air

I've been reading a lot of yogic theory this week, so everything right now seems to be a confluence of silence and mindfulness and "being present" and whatnot. The City has been loud and bright and brilliant, what with the heat and the sunshine, and as a number of the big yoga gurus have noted, sometimes those are the best circumstances for cultivating silence and peace amidst the chaos. Today the heat wave has officially passed and we're back to the usual foggy cool June mornings that we expect around here. I like it.

So the particular "brand" of yoga I practice, Bikram, tends to be more athletic, very cardio-focused, often at the expense of some of the more mental and spiritual aspects of the practice. That's why I do it, of course - I need that intensity, and the sauna-like heat of the 105-degree room is killer for the mind and the body. But today with the chill and the wind again I was craving a good deep practice, some long 2-minute postures to really massage the internal organs and work some tension out. I've been wishing for a cabin in the woods somewhere with silence and big sky and lots of green and wind and water lately, and the deep yoga is a good solution for that this morning.

Given all this yogic stuff swimming around in the universe right now, it didn't surprise me at all to stumble across an article in the Times about some meditation stuff they're doing in a few curriculums in Oakland (and, randomly, in Lancaster, PA). The article isn't super in-depth, but it does hit on the good and necessary point that, given all the stimuli of kids' worlds these days, what with IM-ing and cell phones and video games and basically all these technologies that prevent kids from developing any kind of interior reality, cultivating mindfulness and just the ability to be still are really, really important. Here's the article. "In the Classroom, A New Focus on Quieting the Mind"

(Oh, and that's Cowface posture above. Great for opening up your hips and shoulders. Check Yoga Journal for more info.)


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