Random shit I wanted to post that has no feasible connection whatsoever to any definition of "rawness"

(Ok, it's clear by now that I'm not getting anything done today, right?)

Best Week Ever has a list of the 12 Manliest Movie Musical Performances Ever. Of course I read this with great interest. Duh - these are the swaggering men who populated my young life! My minor quibbles:

1) Richard Gere in Chicago? Seriously? No. Should've cast Jackman there anyway. Same re: Justin Guarini. That's gotta be a joke.

2) Where's Gordon Macrae? Hello, Oklahoma! That baritone still makes me weak in the knees. And I'll never forget the scene where he sits on the stove (B, I know you have my back there). Or at least Carousel - that "My Boy Bill" song on the rocks - yeah? He earned masculinity points just because that song was so damned hard to sing.

3) Howard Keel cannot be left out. That man was all male. That deep voice. "Bless Your Beautiful Hide." Whew.

4) Whoever wrote this is...dumb. All the references to being bruisers and using rufies? Come on. If Gene Kelly can be sexy in his calf-skin dance shoes, which he most definitely is, then being violent and shady really isn't necessary. You're trying too hard to be edgy. Get over yourself. But I do forgive you a little for including Sinatra.

5) Antonio Banderas in Evita? Maybe?

Props to them for the Christopher Plummer shout-out (definitely hot in an unexpected way on viewing TSOM as an adult). And Sacha Baron Cohen in Sweeney Todd?!? Who knew! What an inspired bit of casting. Can't wait to see that one now.


Anonymous said…
The list is crap. It's pandering to modern audiences.
I am having flashbacks to many a giggle and then rewinding of the stove scene...

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