Raw, Idiom: b. Informal. in the nude; naked: sunbathing in the raw

I have a new pose. And I'm slightly in love with it.

Enter Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (One-Legged King Pigeon Pose). It happened sort of organically a few weeks ago after yoga class, having settled into a good routine of finishing out the session in Taoist Pigeon (a modified version of this, when your chest and arms lie on the floor extended in front of you). I wanted more of a backbend, something else to open up my chest and neck (a.k.a the heart chakras) and deepen the thigh and hip stretches at the same time. And there it was.

It's an Advanced Pose, but if you have fairly good back flexibility and some loose hips you shouldn't have a problem doing it. The rush is amazing - full body, purple-colored, wild - and completely worth it. I'm officially addicted.

Three months on from the foot injury, my yoga practice is back to the usual 2 hrs/day Monday through Friday with two long runs on Saturday and Sunday. I feel at the top of my game again, especially combined with the emphasis on raw foods and lots of fruits for hydration. Wednesday I had my dental check-up and I am sooo happy to report no cavities and what the dentist described as really great bone density. This feels like a big HUZZAH! in support of the reality that you don't need to rely on dairy products for calcium. There are zillions of studies out there right now proving that the National Dairy Industry is in cahoots with the guys behind the Food Pyramid, and that so many of the reasons milk is supposedly sold as "good for us" lead back to subsidies and economic pressure from the milk producers. Talk about the social construction of reality!!! Studies show that leafy greens are the best sources of calcium, as opposed to the milk products which actually leach calcium from your bones. (I'll look for some of the references if you want the info). But in the meantime, I just feel super-validated to see the positive effects of living primarily raw vegan in my complexion and in my frickin BONES. Sweet, dude.

Bay to Breakers is Sunday, which, if you're not familiar with SF traditions, is one of the best, most "only in San Francisco" events here. Let's just say, it's a 12K involving lots of costumes, even more nudity, and even more kegs on wheels. Love it. Other than that, big Giants/A's across-the-bay rivalry last night in Oakland, which featured Zito crashing and burning against his old home team in his old coliseum for the first time. Poor guy.

Have a good weekend. And try some Pigeon if you're bored. I promise, you'll feel amazing.


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