Raw, Idiom: b. Informal. in the nude; naked: sunbathing in the raw

Hey hey. Good morning.

Not the most blogorific week ever, eh? Combination of factors, really. It's been so out-of-control beautiful outside, the last thing I can do is sit in front of a computer. Which is, of course, not boding very well for my writing, either. Spring is intoxicating, and I feel drunk. What can you do?

Other than that, just lots of Real Life stuff going on here, hence the silence. There's much out there to potentially discuss - the ongoing exploits of The Bach (down to 3 "ladies"), Paris Hilton's jail term (there is a God!), the rumors that Britney Spears was supposed to play around the corner at the neighborhood indie rock venue, the Warriors' pursuit of the Jazz (so far unsuccessful - but we have high hopes for Friday evening and a home game at Oracle Arena). And I've just read that Tony Blair's revealed he'll step down in mid-summer, as well. Cue all the long articles about his legacy. I'm intrigued by the guy - have you seen Helen Mirren's "The Queen?" You should, if only for the interesting portrayal of Tony Blair that carries half the film.

There's more going on this weekend. A few grad school friends are in town from all parts and it's one big reunion - sweet. And then, Saturday, KFog Kaboom, a big outdoor concert under the Bay Bridge right by the ballpark, one of my favorite annual events, followed by fireworks set to rock music. I look forward to this every year and am sad to say that I won't be around this year to chill under the stars (especially because Guster is playing - oh, man!). But the good news is I'll be spending a hot weekend in SoCal just outside of Joshua Tree National Park in Palm Springs for a wedding. More on that when I return - I'm even taking a camera (shocking for this camera-hater) and have loaded up my lightest white linen trousers and sunblock for the dry desert heat and the perpetual sunshine. Pretty excited. I'll see what I can do for some pics next week if they come out well.

Anyway, keep cheering for the Warriors and have a good Thursday. Ciao.


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