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Oh boy.

So the theocratic minority is at it again, this time at the hands of the Supreme Court. We now have five justices to thank for upholding the completely not-ok ban on D&E (as in, "dilation and extraction," or, if you're a right-wing nutjob trying to force your socio-political and theocratic agenda, "partial-birth") abortions. See article here: "Court Backs Ban on Abortion Procedure"

You can have the abortion debate till the end of time, and I respect that, and I'll freely claim dear friends and family members on both sides of the issue, but really - what it comes down to here, at least in the case of the anti-choice Bush administration, is blatant hypocrisy. Note this ridiculous line from the AP story in this morning's Chron:

"Reacting to the ruling, Bush said that it affirms the progress his administration has made to defend the 'sanctity of life.'"

Are you kidding me?!? Bush & Co., grand terrorists and war criminals on an international scale, claiming themselves as defenders of the "sanctity of life?" This KILLS me. Bad pun intended. Clearly the point here is: we value privileged white Christian Western lives, which are apparently sacred (although not sacred enough to provide health insurance or good education for them once they're actually birthed), whereas non-white non-Christian non-affluent non-Western lives, well, simply don't matter, at the expense of a little retribution for Daddy's failure in Iraq a decade and a half ago. And don't even get me started on how the death penalty (widely overused in Texas especially) honors the "sanctity of life." WTF.

These right-wing neocons can preach at us all they want about defending the sanctity of life, but I'll turn an angry cheek until they start to correlate their Christofascist agenda with the lives they're destroying in other more vulnerable parts of the world.



Toni said…
NYT editorial today...
Heidi said…
OOHHHH-I love this word Christofascist! Kind of makes me want to vomit but it really hits it home.

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