Raw, adjective: 6. ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit.


Some of you may be aware of my newest pet project, which is becoming #1 Giants Superfan in the course of this baseball season. Yes ma'am, I will freely admit that in spite of being a pretty badass little shortstop at the age of 10, and possessing a reliable ability to hit a whopper straight to left field every time I bat, I am otherwise quite useless in all things baseball. I can't tell you anything about teams, players, blah blah blah, other than that I seem to remember that the Cubs generally suck, Pete Rose did some time for gambling a few years back, and they used to make good grape gum called Big League something-or-other. So yeah - pretty much the last time I knew what was going on was in 2nd grade when Kirby Puckett was all the rage and the Twins were the hottest thing around the South Dakota elementary school block.

Point being, it's past time for me to get a clue. So my declared mission this year is, of course, to learn everything about the Giants (and the A's, by proxy). I'm armed with a few rabid fan-friends who've graciously taken me under their wings, and having hit Pac Bell (or SBC, or AT&T, depending on the day) Park several times over the past few years living here in SF, am already aware of what a frickin amazing stadium it is. At this point it's more about the sitting in the sun and admiring the view of the Bay Bridge, drinking a beer and watching for homers splashing in McCovey Cove, but I promise, by the end of the summer, I'll be rattling off statistics like nobody's business.

Tomorrow afternoon's Opening Day here, with Barry Zito making his big pitching debut, so we'll have action soon. I actually got my first dose at the Giants/A's exhibition game on Saturday, which featured stunningly beautiful weather and the worst sunburn I've had since my lifeguarding years. What can I say? It was fuckin bliss. So now that I've spent two days lathering on aloe, the lobster skin's turned a deep berry brown again and I'm ready to hit it up for more blistering action. My boy Matt at matthearn.com has got his finger on the pulse of the Phillies, and Mariah, I fully expect you to at least learn the names of the teams in Chicago, which means I have field reporters in at least a few big markets.

So here we go, kids. Glove's on. Bring it.


Mariah said…
Cubs and White Sox. Even I, my dear sister, am not THAT sports illiterate!
Anonymous said…
I was at the Twins Opener last night, so there!
Anonymous said…
Oh and Rach, give yourself some credit. I think you can count acting as the co-president of the Chevy Chase chapter of the Joe Hardy Fan Club as baseball experience.
Bacon Dad said…
I need to admit several things:
1) The Phils played at 1pm yesterday, a time during which I'm usually at work, so I paid $14.95 to listen to the game over the internet from mlb.com. I think it would have cost less to buy an outfield ticket for the game. Oh well. I'll probably use it all season long, whenever the Phils play afternoon weekday games, which they'll do a couple times a month. The Phils lost, incidentally.

2) My fantasy baseball league is all screwed up, thanks to ESPN.com, and despite the fact that this has zero affect on my life other than the $20 I gambled to play, I am frustrated to the point of stabbing my coworkers with pushpins.

3) Saying that I have "the pulse of the Phillies" is like saying President Bush has the pulse of the American People. I'll try not to let you down, though.
Anonymous said…
Boo Phillies, let's go Mets! (Sorry, Hearn. Ryan Howard is excellent, though.) We'll be at the opener on Monday. Can't wait!

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