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Tuesday morning stream-of-consciousness edition:

* Sunny and gorgeous. Springtime in SF. Sorry, East Coasters. Read it and weep.

* Barry Zito finally won last night. In a big way: 8-0 shutout in Denver. Nice work, darling. We have tickets for Thursday's afternoon game against the Cardinals and I was bummed to see that after the delays in Pittsburgh, Zito won't be pitching. But what can you do? Nice to finally have some positive momentum going for the hometown boys after a good win last Friday (and two Bonds homers) and another last night.

* My college friend Aaron just moved to town over the weekend and it's been fab seeing the City again through new eyes, you know, appreciating the sushi and the sun and the trannies with fresh perspective. We found him a sweet loft right down by the ballpark and enjoyed a christening drink on the roof last night under the stars taking in the 360 degree sparkling lights of the City. Nice to have another representative from the college gang out here in Pacific Standard Time. Now maybe we'll get some more of you guys out here to visit more often...door's open, bitches.

* Discovered a sweet karaoke dive bar literally around the corner from my place last night and wailed along to a few Gershwin tunes, a couple of cliche duets and a little Edwin McCain. It helped that we were the only ones in the place. How could I have lived here almost four years and never known this fabulosity lurking surreptitiously around the corner? You know where to find me every night from now on.

* Getting a ton of writing done; went to a sweet seminar in Berkeley yesterday and sat in the sun and pretty much realized that's all I need: old-school sociology and a little spot of sun. And beer in the biergarten to follow.

* Given all that, of course, you can't ignore the looming melancholy of the post-shooting fallout. Stunned by the news yesterday; not quite sure I'm making sense of it yet. Feels so far away. I hate how they always bust out the token line, "He was a loner." Why does that make you prone to a psychotic episode? Why does that seem like a legitimate indicator that he'd do something like this? I know it's a mystery right now and everyone's just grappling to make sense of it all, but I hope the fallout is kind to South Koreans and doesn't result in the same kind of stereotypical over-reactions that previous incidents with Muslims and Arabs have wrought.

All for today. Keep breathing. Get some sun. Watch some baseball. Cheers.


molly said…
about baseball - i feel i have to tell you that i enjoyed a mariners game in seattle this past weekend. crushed the rangers. but what mattered to me was that the sun was beating down and it was such a lovely lovely day for a beer in a ballpark. i could get into that.
Matt said…
When major shooting rampages happen, you can usually count on the MSM to focus on several "key" points:
1) The perp was a "loner."
2) S/he got the gun(s) [legally|illegally] and here's why that makes guns bad.
3) Why didn't the authorities do anything to stop this?


Don't mind me, the Phils are 3-9 and it's affecting my soul.

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