Raw, Idiom: b. Informal. in the nude; naked: sunbathing in the raw

Well, my dears, it is officially spring here in the City, and you know what that means: SUNSHINE!

It's been mid-seventies and sunny all week, completely pristine, and the rain finally decided to leave as soon as the longer days hit. Which is, of course, my cue to spend every possible waking hour in the sun, hence the lack of posts. I tell ya, there is certainly something intangible about those first few blasts of vitamin D after a grey winter.

I'm trying but failing right now to upload a gorgeous pic of Grace Cathedral and Huntington Park which, being a hop-skip-and-a-jump from my place tends to be my haunt on days like these (computer issues, sorry). Old Chinese grandmas doing tai chi, young beefcake types jumping rope shirtless, couples passed out on blankets, and more dogs than you could ever hope for. All accompanied by the regular clanging of the Cable Car, which of course passes right by every few minutes. I take my "research" up there and spread out on an old flowered sheet, and it's pretty much perfect.

Add to this the fact that the walking boot will probably come off by the end of the week, and I'm a content piece of work. Tomorrow's the one-month mark of injuring my foot, and it's definitely not been the best few weeks of my life, but this springtime sunshine certainly helps things. Now, I can look forward to a few good runs in the sun in a few weeks, if things continue to heal well.

In the meantime, in accord with the rush of spring weather, I've been really getting into the Ayurvedic senses of the seasons and the energy and whatnot that comes with that shift. Here's a good article from Yoga Journal if you want to catch a little more about the yogic and nutritional and whatnot aspects of this time of year.

Now, it's back outside I go. Cheers.


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