Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air

Thoughts I have thunk lately:

1) Did you know Burgundian reds will always be pinot noirs? Or that the Sonoma Coast makes great crisp, light whites because of the cool breezes coming off the water? Or that the word "meritage" is pronounced not with some frou-frou faux French accent, but that it rhymes with "heritage?" I didn't either, but now I do. Thanks to my little wine-studying-mission of late. More to come on that when I finish today's lesson on red zins (state wine of California, thank you very much).

2) Tourist season has begun. Riding the cable car the other day, it was teeming with Japanese tourists wielding very expensive cameras. Sigh.

3) Will Ferrell is fuckin hilarious. It's cold and windy and pouring down rain and I have a quiet day off that I just spent with Ron Burgundy of "Anchorman." Jesus. The man is just brilliant. The whole foot drama of the last six weeks gave me many opportunities to get to know Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell, et al, much, much better, and I've gotta say: they're charming the pants off me. Cheers, boys. I'm glad you exist. And that you're so shamelessly willing to wear so many bad mustaches in the name of comedy.

4) Happy birthday to my old friend Sarah manana.

5) Macaroni and cheese, while very not raw, is very delicious.

6) Big Vivienne Westwood exhibit over at the DeYoung for awhile, just opened a week or so ago. Good shit, lots of edgy British fashion through the years. Check it out. Also, Brice Marden and Picasso/American art at the MoMA. Go.

7) I think Al Gore should run for President after all. There was an article the other day (on Slate, maybe?) that said: watch his waistline, because if he's going to run, he'll drop the weight; if not, forget it. So keep yer eyes on the belt.

8) Maybe I don't mind the rain after all. This shit is really cozy.

9) Think it might be time to get a dog. More to come on that.

10) I cannot wait for March 30th to see "Blades of Glory." This curly-haired afro Will Ferrell/Jon Heder publicity tour is killing me with anticipation. Have you SEEN the PR for this shit? Hilarious.

11) Why do men grow goatees? Don't they know, don't they just know in that deep, deep intuitive knowing that resonates way down in their cores, that goatees make even the most very very attractive men, well, un-? Sigh. Guys, if you will, a primer: shaven, scruffy, bearded = hot; goateed = hell no.

Hell no.


Mariah said…
Have you seen "Stranger than Fiction?" While not a comedy it is quite good!

Amen to the goatees. Ick.
sp said…
Stranger than Fiction is a brilliant film. It is comedy actually. You could call it a romantic comedy. I've blog reviewed it on my personal blog if you're curious.

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