Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated

I vacillate wildly between loving Jack Vettriano's stuff and cringing at the sometimes crass and too-sharp colors and corners of his work. This particular painting, however, has always made my heart stop.

Vettriano is a contemporary Scottish painter whose training is apparently outside of the academy and who has come to be one of Scotland's top-selling artists. You've probably run across "The Singing Butler" here or there: you know, the couple dancing on the beach, the umbrella, etc. "In Thoughts of You" (early 90s) strikes me as so much more contemplative, and that's of course why I love it; well, that and the morning light in the window, and the way we can't see her face because she's lost in her thoughts, and the fact that it just sends out this very quiet vibe of early-day silence. I read somewhere that the room in the painting is modeled after Vettriano's studio in his Georgian townhouse in Edinburgh, and it made me smile to remember the gorgeous, creaky, mouse-infested 18th c. flat overlooking the park from my days there, too. I spent a lot of early mornings staring out the window like that with a cup of coffee in hand.

Anyway. Good morning. Enjoy the silence before the world wakes up.


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