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Ok, children. Today's lesson is about reading.

Yup, reading. Got lots of book-ish shit on the mind lately. First of all, did you see here that critics are looking to shut down the Pizza Hut-sponsored Book-It program in elementary schools?

Let me be forthcoming here. I was, like, the Book-It Queen of Hillcrest Elementary School. A rockstar in her own right. Slamming down the books, adding gold stars everywhere, until that magical day when the personal pan pizzas would come right at me. This was undoubtedly the highlight of my elementary school years. For any little girl whose interior world consisted solely of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Babysitters Club, it was like manna from heaven.

So you can see why it pains me to see that they're calling for the end of this program. I can't argue, their critiques are right on target: it is definitely seriously fucked up to mix commercialism and junk food with an incentive to read. I agree wholeheartedly with everything they're saying. But at the same time, I traded books for pizza and ended up just fine. And god knows it's harder and harder now in this new media age to get kids to read. So I say, let's turn a blind eye and let the Pizza Hut presence continue. For the kids! And for all those unloved books withering in the library!

And speaking of libraries, big article about a massive shutdown in Oregon due to a mixture of reasons, but in part because of Congressional funding being cut. What the hell. We can spend billions in Iraq chasing after apparitions but we can't fund a few little old lady librarians who just wanna teach the kids how to read? This hurts my heart.

Bottom line is, I don't care how smart you are; you are missing something if you are not able to read, or if you don't really enjoy it. I know plenty of people who hate to read, and well, to be honest, they're missing out. As long as you've got a book, you'll never be lonely, wherever you might be. Seriously.

So go read a book. Now. And then eat a pizza, if you must.



Anonymous said…
I booked-it too, and now i hate pizza hut! definetly a better reading promotion program than advertising scam. go books!
Anonymous said…
Ummm-I was obsessed with Book It. I still remember the pin with the places to put all of your gold stars.

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