Raw, adjective: 7. brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions

Yesterday the City was all in a tizzy because of this big boat docking at Pier 27. Right on the heels of the norovirus-laden QE 2 came the Queen Mary 2, all decked out in sparkly lights and spewing black smoke into the sky. Word on the street is that she's the largest boat ever to dock in SF Bay, and she only missed the Golden Gate by something like 20 feet when she rolled in at 3:30, as the Superbowl was just kicking off.

Only in SF would a bigass boat trump the kickoff of the biggest football contest of the year. Neither team really did much for me this time, but gotta say I'm glad for Tony Dungy after the tough last year he's had, what with losing his young son and whatnot. Could you believe that rain in Miami?? Looked like a messy game.

The Times had an interesting article yesterday about Romero Britto, the dude who designed the sort of modern Pop Art-looking set for the Cirque du Soleil pre-game show. I can't decide if I really dig his stuff as an updated spin on Andy Warhol, or if it kind of drives me batty in that shallow Hello Kitty vein. Think it might be the latter. But no matter the artistic content of his work, you've gotta give a guy props for making $12 million a year as a working artist. Not something that's easy to do, that's for sure, and I do kind of like the idea of regional artists manifesting the personalities of certain parts of the country. Here's more: "In Miami, Art Without Angst"

Growing up in South Dakota, Harvey Dunn was always that dude - the local boy whose work personified the geist of the region. One of my favorites of his is there to the left: "The Prairie is My Garden," 1950.

And finally, yesterday was National Stuffed Mushroom Day. Go 'shrooms.


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