Raw, adjective: 5. crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste

Today while I was (surprise, surprise) sitting on my ass trying to will my ankle to heal itself, I started flipping channels. This is harder than it sounds, because a) we don't have a remote control that works, so since I am a gimp it involves hobbling over to the TV itself and pushing the button old-skool style, and because b) we also don't have cable, so the surfing opportunities encompass about ten channels, two of which are home shopping networks and one of which is piped in from China (don't ask). This leaves approximately ABC, NBC and CBS, plus Fox and something weird called Action 36 that usually plays old Friends re-runs 24 hours a day, supplemented by the odd Frasier re-run, and maybe a few old eps of That 70's Show.

I hit Martha Stewart and sit down. Not a big Martha fan, though I do think she got a bad rap as the whipping boy for corporate punishment stuff, but it was better than the Chinese soap opera on Channel 8. Turns out her guest is Kristin Chenoweth, the musical theater star known as much for her diminutive blond looks as her big classically-trained voice.

Chenoweth won a Tony for playing Charlie Brown's annoying little sister Sally in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, a feat I used to think was admirable until I saw her today on Martha and she was absolutely the same character, but in real life and with a more expensive headband. Girlfriend was hella annoying.* Seriously. High-pitched voice, giggly, not smart, a little judgmental. She was really not charming. The worst part was, the woman is in her late 30s, definitely past the time of acting like a little girl to be cute. Personal pet peeve: when aging actresses who were and still are Beautiful Young Things still act like the fluttering little ingenues that they could pull off when they were 16. Honey, just cause you're little and blond does not mean you should act like an almost-39-year-old woman-child. You were born in 1968, for chrissakes!!! Give it a rest and grow up.

Thus ends my rant for the day. Man, do I need to get back to my job or what? I'm dying here, folks.

*Please note ironic use of California surfer slang.


Anonymous said…
I looked her up on YouTube once...more of what you describe in terms of her talk show appearances. But her performances are fun to watch...hooray for the middle america girls in that regard.
ped&andrew said…
Have you read any of Gregory Maguire's books? I love them. He brings so much realism to the old fairy tales we were force-fed as a kid. Anyways, I fell in love with Wicked and when I finished it, I went into withdrawal and wanted more. I turned to the broadway soundtrack with Chenoweth as Glinda. A perfect Glinda in my opinion. How does that voice comes from that little body? Anyways, I don't think there's anything wrong with being cute or playful. We need breaks from the serious.

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