Raw, adjective: 4. painfully open, as a sore or wound

Sprained my ankle and foot in three different spots yesterday.

This blows.

And in the span of a five second fall, my busy weekend of auditions and drinks and yoga and sunshine (it's 70 degrees out!) has turned into a three-day encampment on the living room sofa, foot in air, crutches at the wayside. The good news is: this morning's x-rays show no fractures (hallelujah!). The bad news is: we're talking three to six weeks to heal. No yoga, no walking, no work, no nothing.

You never realize what you take for granted until poof! it's gone. As in, oh, hi, I don't keep a car in the City, so all of a sudden mundane walking tasks like getting groceries and taking the cable car are suddenly, well, impossible. The charm of my 1910 Edwardian suddenly fades when the flight of stairs up stands unwaveringly in front of that one gimpie foot. And what used to be the pleasant surprise of a night off work feels like vast disappointment at not seeing my Friday night (or Saturday night, or Sunday night) regulars.

I repeat, this blows.

I've decided this is the universe saying: finish your thesis. Finish your book. Play piano. Slip into that yin you were so excited about a week ago. And roll around in that Vicodin loopiness that set in a few hours ago.

In the meantime, any and all visitors bearing vegetables and/or books and/or hard liquor will not be turned away.


Matt said…
That fucking SUCKS. I blew out my ankle like whoa drunk-wrestling with Unga a number of years ago, it wasn't right for MONTHS. Probably didn't help that 6 days afterwards I walked all around NYC for an entire day without crutches 'cause I'm a dumbass.

Hope plenty of people bring you stuff! If Team Hearn was local we would totally load a few bags with kale and mushrooms and fennel and bring it on over. Since we sadly cannot, I give you:


Mariah said…
Hang in there sis. I love you!
Anonymous said…
i was there with matt that night. it wasn't pretty. you should take a picture of your mauled ankle and post it!

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