Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air


I was snoozing along happily this morning circa 3:30 when all of a sudden I awoke with a distinct rolling sensation. My first thought in my sleep-addled haze was: "the guys next door are pushing on the wall!!!" Because it really did feel like someone was just pushing on the wall and rolling me along in my big sleigh bed. But then I realized the windows were shaking, too, and after dusting off the last remnants of deep sleep, I knew it was an earthquake instead. So I rode it out, exhaled when it was all over and done with, and rolled over and went back to sleep.

Sure enough, the morning Chron says that there was a 3.8 tremblor centered in Santa Rosa at 3:27 this morning. Now, in these parts 3.8 isn't much of anything; we see those on a fairly regular basis, and they don't mean much other than the usual plate shifting and whatnot. The earth gasping and groaning a bit as she tosses and turns in bed, shall we say. But now and then you'll get a goodie that for one reason or another stops you in your tracks for a moment and reminds you that you're, well, small and utterly powerless against this bigass earthshaking phenomenon.

As a kid growing up in the Great Plains, I knew that feeling well, but in a different guise. Tornado season wreaked havoc on my neurotic little kid's heart. Spot more than two dark clouds in the sky, and I was down in the basement huddled under my father's big heavy desk with a weather radio and rations of peanut butter and Cheez Its for the next week.

I pride myself on being less of a weenie these days, although when the Big One hits, as the People Who Know say will happen beyond a shadow of a doubt sometime in the next 30 years, I will probably not be completely cool and collected. Good thing I've got these little practice quakes to get me used to it. And I'm glad this one wasn't any bigger than 3.8, as it's set to be COLD here all weekend: as in, 28-degree lows through to Monday. That doesn't happen here! So, shattered windows and the like can gladly wait until the cold snap is over. I might as well be in the Midwest!

On another note, did you see that David Beckham is moving to LA to play for the Galaxy?? I'm kind of excited, in spite of myself. Here's a good take on the whole thing from the Chron sports columnist.

And finally, I can't resist highlighting a few choice words from my man Chuck Hagel (R-Neb., who has really shown himself to be an able critic of this administration's Iraq debacle) in his reaction to Condi's plan to send more troops to Iraq:

"It's, first of all, in my opinion, morally wrong. It's tactically, strategically, militarily wrong. We will not win a war of attrition in the Middle East... Madam Secretary, we've been there almost four years, and there's a reason for that skepticism and pessimism, and that is based on the facts on the ground, the reality of the dynamics."

Well-spoken. Full article here.

Enjoy your weekend.


Matt said…
Oddly enough, the word is actually "temblor," without that first R. It's from the Spanish "temblar." English is such a silly language.
Anonymous said…
You forgot the stuffed animals and Cabbage Patch doll that joined you under the desk...oh, and "Whatever happens, I love you all!"
Couldn't resist ;-)

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