Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air

Couple of things on this brisk Friday morning...

* Bring on the Dems! And go, Pelosi! Hello, most powerful woman in Congressional history. We're so glad you're here.

* Saw "The Painted Veil" last night. It was, well, pretty damn gorgeous. Loved the period setting (1925 Shanghai), the Gatsby-esque costuming, the sweepingly lush landscapes. And Ed Norton and Naomi Watts were excellent. Definitely worth a see if you're in the mood for an old-school epic. It pretty much made my heart hurt. Oh yeah, and there's opium, too. Here's a link to an "All Things Considered" interview with Ed Norton on NPR. He's such a thinker.

* Great exhibition at the SF MoMA right now that's nearing its end - Anselm Kiefer, "Heaven and Earth" - running through the 21st. The site highlights his "career-long meditation on the relationship between heaven and earth, God and politics." Swing by if you get time. It's January; it's not like you have anything better to do!


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