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So how about those Gators?! I love seeing the underdog come out on top. Sorry, Ohio State - looks like that Heisman curse is still alive and kicking. I am sorry to see the college football season end, though. At least we have a few more weeks of pro playoffs to look forward to. (Go Eagles!)

Feeling really fired up this morning after catching a great article on Salon.com about a new book by Chris Hedges, "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America." For several years now I have been relying on theologian Dorothee Soelle's brilliant term "Christofascism" to describe the socio-economic ideological agenda that masquerades as religion right now in America. Most of the time, however, my use of the term is met with cautionary restraint, especially in academic circles where "fascism" conjures up very distinct images of 1930s Hitler and Mussolini. But I love that someone is finally having the balls to use the "F" word in conjunction with this creeping ideological movement spreading its tentacles all over the country. It's hyperbolic, of course, but that hyperbole makes it no less relevant or accurate, and as far as I'm concerned, if it wakes people up to the crap that's being sold as "truth" to millions of people, then it's completely worth it.

Hedges himself admits that his book is angry, to which I say: it's about time, my friends! We need some angry voices out there to counter the bullshit that just continues to mushroom in the conservative "Christian" industrial complex. Definitely doesn't look like a particularly light read, but I really recommend looking into this one if you're at all interested in these issues. Hedges is a pastors' kid - whaddya know?! - and comes from a seminary-educated background. This gives me hope - I love seeing people who come from "the inside" using their pedigreed legitimacy to break this shit down.

You can find the article here: "The Holy Blitz Rolls On" (Might have to watch a quick ad to get access to the whole article). Keep the fire!


Matt said…
I thought Hedges was just a WEE bit over the top, but agreed with him on most points. One idea on which I think he's off a bit is when he said that the Christianists (to borrow from Andrew Sullivan) need a crisis of some kind to consolidate their power. Personally, I think they're insidious enough that we'll find out too late how much of our culture and government has been subverted by them behind the scenes, and, crisis or not, we'll all be screwed.

I'm a pretty calm, centrist guy, but I do see some terrifying parallels between 1930s Germany, and 2000s America. In both situations, well-meaning folks stayed quiet while the louder voices pushed their agenda. I'm not sure what the solution is. History has shown that the well-meaning folks usually don't get riled up enough until it's too late.

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