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So Obama's officially thrown his hat into the ring.

No shocker there - we've all been expecting it, especially in the wake of his pre-campaign PR tour last fall. That is, I mean, his "book tour," complete with cheesy-ass inspirational title and all. "The Audacity of Hope"? I mean, really. Cheesy. But, have to say, I really like the guy. Did you know his father was a goatherd in Kenya? Before going on to earn his doctorate at Harvard, that is. You couldn't have scripted a better back-story for that one. Horatio Alger, bootstraps, blah blah blah.

Slate has a really interesting article on Obama's warm, smooth "maple-syrup" voice - and the fact that his smoking just might be responsible for that. TEXT Now this is the kind of stuff that really piques my interest. You can analyze wonky policy till the end of the time, but at the end of the day, especially in this hyper-media-saturated age and in a culture whose ethic has completely been sculpted by the market mentality, it all comes down to who sells whom most effectively. A game of marketing, PR, image, whose hair, whose voice, whose clothes have the most cache. I remember reading some time ago that Abe Lincoln would never have been elected today, what with his completely unsexy high-pitched voice and aversion to public speaking. Now, with media outlets bombarding us at every turn, you can't get away from that external package.

I'm glad Obama's seriously considering a run; I worry that as smart as Hillary is, and as experienced, she is simply not electable. Her image as a shrill harpy was hardened into steel by the media 15 years ago, and no matter what she does, no matter how many yellow suits she wears, no matter how soft her hair is, no matter how great her kid is or how patiently Bill stands behind her with his hands frustratedly behind his back, that's not going to change. She'd be great, yeah, in spite of her relative move to the center in the last several years. But the Red States simply won't elect her. Billy Bob in Nebraska is not going to vote for her. Period. So I'm grateful that we've got Obama as a viable alternative, someone I'm legitimately excited about for so many reasons.

And that's my completely uninformed two cents on the Democratic front-runner sitch. But Barack, as much as I dig your smoker's voice, you'd probably better lay off on the cigs if you know what's good for you. PR-wise, that is.


Anonymous said…
Interesting post. However, I think Hilary would make a good candidate, even though she doesn't always seem warm.
Mariah said…
Great post Rach...I read your blog all the time and am finally posting. I totally agree with what you said - I really just don't think Hilary has a viable chance, and I'd hate to toss away the Democratic ticket. It sounds terrible but you know Nebraska like I do.

Plus, amidst all of the reasons I am liking Obama, his total hotness isn't hurting a thing.

Anyone but Bush...

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