Random shit I wanted to post that has no feasible connection whatsoever to any definition of "rawness"

Um, yeah ... so I wish I had something interesting to say. But try as I might, my mind is boring as hell these last few days. Is it January? The lack of stimulants? The silent prolonged shudder that is the fallout from the State of the Union address?

I dunno. Here's hoping February brings more hearts and flowers and inspiration and whatnot. But in the meantime:

* Last night I met my doppelganger. Well, kind of. The lady had the exact same name as I do: first and last, down to the spelling and everything. I've always known that my name is relatively generic, as names go, but never have I actually met another of the same moniker. It was a little surreal to stand there and, uh, talk to myself. An impromptu existential moment, shall we say. Reminding you how small you are, how utterly not-unique-little-snowflakes our identities are, in spite of the ways we try to convince ourselves that they are. And, I have to say, oddly comforting, in an invisible Buddhist connected-to-everything kind of way. On the upside, she didn't seem crazy and/or particularly prone to criminal activity, so I figure my name's safe for at least a few minutes from automatic association with loony bins or psychos.

* Is anyone else as freaked out as I am by Gonzalez's recent testimony that the Constitution does not guarantee the right to habeas corpus (i.e., a right to a fair trial)? Do I hear rumblings of the "F" word again (as in, "fascist")? Uh, yeah, that's what I thought.

* Cheney was wearing a purple tie Tuesday night at the SotU. Lavender, to be exact. Shiny lavender. Whoa. (Isn't purple the color of the LGBT movement? Go Dick.)

* The Queen Elizabeth 2, a.k.a Bigass Cruise Ship on a 108-day round the world trip, docked here yesterday at Pier 35. For one brief shining moment, it was kind of exciting, and the local media had a bit of a heyday. That is, until the news broke shortly thereafter that hundreds of passengers on the ship had already been sickened by the norovirus - some 17%, twice what usually get sick when that kind of thing strikes. Ugh. Welcome to SF, sickies. Alas, they sailed off to Honolulu last night. We are due for a number of cruise ships in the next few months, so I'm sure there'll be more where that came from. I'll freely admit, the poker-playing-bad-theater-seeing-buffet-eating cruise ship scene isn't so much my style, but I have to say, the vision of a 108-day trip around the world is totally tempting. Sans the stomach flu part, though, of course.

Disinfect those casino chips, my friends! And adieu.


Toni said…
I noticed the lavender tie as well...purple is also the color of the domestic violence movement. So perhaps, in addition to letting the world know (finally) that he loves and supports his lesbian daughter, Cheney was also letting us know that, unlike lots of other (power hungry, controlling, manipulative, white, wealthy men who feel justified in their actions and think as if their opinions and thoughts are superior to everyone else's), he doesn't beat his wife...

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