Raw, adjective: 8. brutally harsh or unfair: a raw deal

In breaking world news, we have a Christmas tree!! And now the whole place smells like forest. Delicious.

Yesterday's Times had an important, if not particularly incisive, article on the increasing minority of straights in long-term relationships who are choosing not to marry as a statement against the continued illegality of marriages for all people who'd like to commit their lives to another person. I was glad to see this article for a number of reasons: first off, because it makes the important point that this is not just a "gay" issue, it's a matter of civil rights being violated, similar to the ways in which blacks were not permitted to sit at pre-1960s lunch counters, etc. That comparison might not be completely perfect, but I do think it's apt in drawing on past examples of civil rights violations that were once perceived as "normal" being flung out into the light as obsolete and unfair. And in reminding us that it's ALL our responsibility to cry out against that, especially those of us who have the luxury of marrying without being questioned by the government.

Secondly, as vanilla as this article is, I'm glad to see it appearing in a mainstream rag. I'm not surprised to see mention of the whole Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt refusal to marry. People are often quick to deride celebrity attempts to make political waves, but I have to say how pleased I was when they made that statement. Joe Blow at the supermarket check-out stand might not read a polemical treatise about how marriage is a civil rights issue, but he'll sure as hell pick up InTouch to find out what Angie and Brad are doing. And it's in the baby steps that things change. So check it out:

"The Sit-In At the Altar: No 'I Do' Til Gays Can Do It, Too"


Matt said…
I like it too. I don't think I'm going to divorce HW so that we can then say we're not going to be married until Teh Homoz can do the same, but here's a promise I will make: I will not take any more wives until homosexuals have the right to marry.

We all have to do our part, yak?

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