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Is YOUR womb open to God?

These people think it should be. And apparently "open to God" = cranking out 11 babies before the age of 38. Holy shit.

Newsweek's got a brief little feature on this fringe evangelical movement that actually parallels Catholicism's anti-birth control stances in some interesting (and frightening) ways. This movement, known as the "Quiverfull" moment (for the "quiver" that you're supposed to keep "full" so that you can be blessed with zillions of children as evidence of divine approval), is gaining strength in the South, in particular. No surprise there. But it does seem to be aligning with mainstream religiously-motivated anti-choice efforts in some potentially scary ways, too.

These people are the ones organizing and heading to the polls to pass scary legalized discrimination laws like the bans we saw pass earlier this month. And this is why we need Dems in control of Congress! Check it out.

I'm reminded of a fascinating (and scary) article the Sunday Chron had earlier this fall that sort of paralleled this whole issue. It highlighted the growing fertility gap between Republicans and Democrats, pointing out that if people like the Quiverfulls continue reproducing this way and left-leaning folk continue having illicit, non-procreative, recreational sex (horrors!) the demographics of our country are in for a scary shift in a few decades.

Here's the opening blurb, courtesy of Vicki Haddock:

"If you're a liberal, here's what you can do to make Karl Rove a very happy man: Get yourself a labradoodle. Or any other kind of dog, for that matter. Even a cat will do.

Just don't have children.

That way you'll maintain a fertility gap that already is invisibly working to guarantee the political right will outnumber the left by an ever-growing margin.

Over the past three decades, conservatives have been procreating more than liberals -- continuing to seed the future with their genes by filling bassinets coast to coast with tiny Future Republicans of America."

Read the rest here.



Heidi said…
I shudder at the thought...maybe none of us liberal minded folks want to subject any children we may bear to a future in a world overrun with Falwell's, Dobson's and Robertson's. How sick-are we really using children as weapon? By the way, did you ever go see Jesus Camp? Couldn't bring myself.

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