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I am so over the NY Times.

On the one hand, it admittedly has a stronger world news focus than many, if not most, other American papers (USA Today, anyone?), and I definitely turn to it for the lowdown on big news events. And I can always count on the Times for a good puff piece now and then.

But beyond that, the crazy-making. Not only has the Times' implicit claim to being the Only Source Of Legitimate Journalism always annoyed me, reeking as it does of elitism and East Coast establishment privilege, but geez: it's just so damn arrogant. Gimme a break. This sense of annoyance coincides, of course, with my general long-term irritation with Manhattan's myopic belief that it's the center of the universe. Growing up in other corners of the country will teach anyone that there's much more to the world than I-95 and the vast parking lot that is the eastern metropolitan corridor. Don't get me wrong; I love all those cities on that stretch of devil traffic in many ways for each of their own unique characteristics (well, except for anything in Jersey, but can you blame me? I mean, really?). And I am fully aware that other newspapers have their own shortcomings; just look at the aforementioned USA Today (a.k.a. the "Everything's Great!" paper) or my own beloved SF Chron, which is admittedly pretty guilty of being a pinko softy food- and wine-obsessed little rag.

But seriously. Have you SEEN some of these articles lately? I sat down today to catch up on a little news, and found the following articles headlined on the site. Now, granted, they're from the Fashion and Style section, so should understandably be light, but jesus - these are downright farcical:

* First, a scintillating, hard-nosed look at the social politics of email signatures (!).

(Did you know you were being a) rude and short, or b) friendly and warm, or c) both at once, the last time you signed an email "Best?" And don't even think about going for "xoxo" if you want to be taken seriously by Anyone Who Matters. What profound journalistic flair!)

* And next, an article so laced with scathing disapproval and class bias that it almost oozes the snot from an upturned posh nose.

(All you bridge-and-tunnelers, thanks for ruining Saturday night with your hair gel and stretch Hummers! What are those poor chic sophisticates like Candace Bushnell supposed to do now that you've invaded their haunts with bad cologne and cheap shoes? Run for the hills, Candy, before their cheap gaucheness rubs off on your new Manolo Blahniks! Run!)

Seriously?!? This is the best newspaper in the country (or the world)? You've gotta be kidding me. I'll take the soft-core leftist yuppie porn of the Chron or the more unabashed commie propaganda of the London Guardian any day.

Now, I need to go reserve my stretch Hummer for Saturday night.


Heidi said…
That article made me sick.

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