Raw, adjective: 4. painfully open, as a sore or wound

Last night I saw the (relatively new) film with Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson, "Little Children." Whew. One-word review: unsettling. And gorgeous. I guess that's three words. Oh well.

The film's based on the novel by Tom Perrotta, known and loved around these parts for the brilliant "Election" (filmed in Omaha, of course). So you can trust that it's pretty much oozing anti-suburban angst and just general real-life malaise. Love it. In the tradition of suburb-skewering movies like American Beauty, Magnolia, etc., this one punctures that mythic idyll of suburban bliss from the get-go. And that, of course, is exactly why I love it.

Anyway - no need to bother you with plot or synopsis. It's better to let it unfold as it is. But I'll just say, per my three-word review of above:

1) "Unsettling," as in - wow, holy shit, adults are pretty much struggling to get their shit together and in so doing are just as lost as their little children. And as in, isn't it interesting how people continually try to locate the demons outside themselves (witness the abuse of the creepy yet rehabbed neighborhood sex offender here, who's treated as less than a person in that most black-and-white of fashions) when in fact that's just a tactic for avoiding the ones swirling around inside themselves. And as in, yikes, that ending.

2) "Gorgeous," as in - I think we might have, in Patrick Wilson, a challenger for the status of Resident Dreamboat (sorry, Nathan). I just have to give a shout-out to this guy in general for a) being generally hunkalicious, b) being a bona-fide cross-over star (hello, musical theatre - did you know he starred in Oklahoma and The Full Monty on Broadway and was nominated for Tonys for both?), and c) wearing that god-awful wig as Raoul in Phantom of the Opera. He should've won an Oscar just for being a good sport. Wilson's Brad is struggling to pass the bar exam after failing it twice. Every evening he trots off to the library to study, only to stop short at the basketball court and chill with the adolescent skateboarders instead. Feelin' your pain, bro. Feelin' your pain.

For the record, this film also has one of the more funny touch-football scenes I've seen in some time, complete with overlaid moaning and groaning. As well as a randomly hilarious cameo by "Slutty Kay." Sweet.


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