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Thanksgiving's around the corner, and you know what that means! Time for my annual holiday missive on the wonders of consumer rebellion.

So here's your old girl Rach reminding y'all of a happy little holiday called Buy Nothing Day, this year on Friday, Nov. 26th (a.k.a., in other less subversive circles as "The Busiest Shopping Day of the Year"). I usually wait to say something till just a few days before, but this year I wanted to do it a little earlier so that you all have time to look into any culture jamming of your own happening in your own backyards.

So instead of rolling up to the mall at 3 a.m. to buy more plastic crap you don’t need, sleep late. Watch some football. Bake a pie. Read a book. Go for a walk. Make snow angels. Wake up! Do something real.

Take a day (or a lifetime) to speak out against the American mandate to consume, consume, consume. And remember that our lives are made rich not by the things we own, but by the people we do and the work we love. Or vice versa, if you prefer.

Some quick resources:

Buy Nothing Day UK
* A great site with lots of background on the environmental and political reasons we revolt against consumer culture for a day.

* Where it all began! Watch the site for updated posters, press materials and more info to come in the next week.

Wikipedia BND
* Some quickie background info.

Buy Nothing Christmas
* Make it a seasonal thing!

If you dig it…hit up yer local library for “Affluenza” by Degraaf/Wann/Taylor or “Culture Jam” by Kalle Lasn. You’ll be glad you did.


Karin Bauer said…
And if you're still not convinced, watch The Story of Stuff (on YouTube) a fantastic short film by Annie Leonard... it will make you think twice about buying more landfill-destined items this holiday season!

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