Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

Last week, on one of my regular trips to Whole Foods to scope out the local hippie boy scene, um, I mean, to buy some spinach for Thanksgiving dinner, I passed the salad bar. Now, usually my store visits stay within the vicinity of the produce and the bulk food sections, and sometimes maybe the alternative medicine section. But this particular day, aided by large amounts of caffeine, I was feeling a little more adventurous, and decided to sashay over toward the steaming vats in the deli.

Lo and behold, there amongst the sauteed mushrooms and the self-serve baba ghanoush beckoned a mass of vibrant green. I looked more closely and, sure enough, there it was: homemade kale and seaweed salad, flavored just perfectly with a few touches of ginger and sesame, and finished off with a little olive oil. I could hardly contain myself.

Needless to say, instead of chatting up that cute guy from my yoga studio who I saw over by the fennel, I walked out with a big ol' tub of kale seaweed salad. And proceeded to spend the rest of the night with that little guy. And wow! What can I say. Something that's got 1327% of your daily recommended vitamin K intake cannot be taken lightly.

Since then, my trips to Whole Foods have taken on a more urgent quality. The kale seaweed salad beckons. And I am besotted. Today, after spending $12.37 on, like, two ounces of it, I decided to make the big commitment of learning how to make the shit myself. A little googling, and voila! Some woman named Elise who also happens to live in SF found herself infatuated too, and did the hard work of actually figuring out the recipe. Thanks, lady. Appreciate it. I was really tempted to steal the gorgeous pic she's got on her recipe page, but I'll be ethical and refrain. So go here for all the verdant glory.

I will steal one of her links, though, as it's one of my favorite sites, too. So, Saturday night when you're at home, NY Times-style, hiding from the hair-gelled riff-raff flooding the city clubs, curl up with your laptop and read about the remarkable wonders of kale. KALE! Kale.

Fabulous kale page (WH Foods)
Fabulous sea veggie page (WH Foods)


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