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How not to lose your mind over the Coronavirus outbreak

Are you losing your mind yet about the Coronavirus outbreak? Spinning out on fear and anxiety and the dread of the looming unknown?

I feel you.

Heck, I’m a yoga and meditation teacher and Vice President of a mindfulness training company, and I’ve still been washing my hands 47 times an hour, freaking out when my kid pushes an elevator button, opening doors with fistfuls of tissues, and spending sleepless nights caught up in worry about what’s unfolding.

My family and I live in Basel, Switzerland, three hours from Northern Italy, on the fringes of one of the largest coronavirus outbreaks outside of China. Basel is a multicultural city of 30% expats, many of whom work in the pharma and banking industries, regularly flying all over the world, and the Milan-Basel corridor is a popular one. Most of Switzerland’s coronavirus cases can be traced to Milan, including a Basel childcare worker who was exposed to over 60 children before being diagnosed.

Last week Fasnacht, Basel’s massive annual…

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