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Three Things About New England I'm Still Not Quite Used To

We've been in Boston for 14 months now, which has given us plenty of time to sink into some wonderful regular rhythms. New England definitely feels like home. Especially now that it's summer again and we can basically live outside.

But there are three things about being here that I'm still not quite used to:

1) The fact that you can drive through four states in four hours. Hear me on this one, my flyover-state peeps? We've spent the last few weekends in New York visiting an ailing loved one. So we've gotten decently good at the drive to/from the Bronx. I can't quite get over the fact that we can pass through Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York in the span of an afternoon. After spending the majority of my life in huge Western states, this feels totally insane. (And on that note: it never fails to make my heart sink to drive past the sign for Newtown/Sandy Hook. So tragic that those city names will always and ever bring up school shooting memories. Gah.)


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