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On Grace

If you were raised Christian, you probably learned that peeps are “saved not by works but by grace.” Which is great if you believe there’s something to be saved from. 🤷🏽‍♀️ But for those of us who’ve moved on from simplistic concepts of heaven and hell, the notion of an externalized grace doesn’t do so much — particularly as an excuse to continue to teach little kids they’re fundamentally broken and sinful because, well, #grace. (The idea being that it somehow neutralizes the childhood-religious-trauma of original sin. I disagree.)
But more importantly, lately, what I’ve been amazed by (and in love with) is the realization of how deeply grace is baked-in to Buddhist philosophy. That every moment becomes an opportunity to lend yourself and your body and one another grace. No third-party cosmic mediator required. No groveling on your knees mumbling confessions about your inherent brokenness. Just immediate, in the moment, ever-renewing GRACE.
There is a gentleness and a compassion and a…

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