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The Best Progressive Spirituality Books For Little Kids

The other day, my friend Lisa reached out to ask if I had any favorite spirituality books for little kids.

I was so glad she asked! Got all theology-nerd excited to share. It was a timely reminder to revisit several of my favorites, and to reread them with my own little guy.

I have a Lot Of Opinions about what we teach our kids about God, how we introduce them to the world of spirituality, and the ways in which a lot of traditional religions are body-negating.

(Hey, 3-year-olds: you are not broken, you are not bad, your body is wonderful, and you do not need to be fixed!!

But that's another rant, for another day.)

In other words, I'm pretty damn picky about the spiritual books I'll read to my kid. So if you're looking for a few progressive, diverse, body-loving, peace-loving, world-affirming books for introducing your little ones to an ecumenical sense of spirituality, I'd start with these.

When my first goddaughter was born nine years ago, I wandered into Grace …

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