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Always We Begin Again

In vinyasa, the idea is that every time you inhale, you begin again, starting fresh, and every time you exhale, you let go. Die a little. Empty out.

Can you imagine how your life would change if you walked into every interaction without carrying the baggage of every previous conversation, every slight, every projection, every bit of drama or confusion? This is the whole idea. We drop our stories about ourselves, and one another, and begin again, open and new.

Tonight I start teaching a permanent Thursday night class at B Yoga Basel. It’s for beginners: a return to the basics of breath, meditation, and movement. I haven’t taught just beginners in years. (Insert wise comment here about how we’re all always beginners.) I’m so quietly excited. Witnessing folks discovering yoga for the first time, seeing people unravel as they step into their own deepening practice, watching them warm to the idea of actually making friends with their body instead of resisting or punishing it, is…

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