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radical art/work: meet Teaching Table founder + chef Laura Scheck

Welcome to the latest in our radical art/work series!

Buckle up, friends. This week we've got more food porn than you'll know what to do with.

Last week we featured an inspiring seed-saving company, so as spring rolls in for real now, it feels fitting to profile someone transforming that garden bounty into creative, nourishing work in the kitchen.

Introducing Teaching Table, a Brooklyn-based cooking school featuring whole foods for the whole family.

I first met Laura, Teaching Table's founder and chef, back in 2004, when we were grad students studying social theory and religion in Berkeley. She lived near North Berkeley, sandwiched between Chez Panisse and Cafe Gratitude, so when I think of those years, fond memories of killer food (and plentiful beer) always color my nostalgia.

Fourteen years later, we've both traded California sunshine for East Coast urbanity, and Laura is now a natural foods chef and founder of Teaching Table, which educates folks of al…

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