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radical art/work: meet Living Seed Company founders Astrid + Matthew Hoffman

Happy March! The spring equinox is tomorrow, so naturally we're preparing for another Nor'easter.

(Practicing being flexible, friends. At least the sun's staying up longer!)

Once the snow finally stops falling, we'll launch into our regular outdoor routine of bike rides and Walden hikes and baseball and spring festivals. I can't wait.

This will be our first spring in our new home, and my mind keeps running to visions of urban gardening and vertical planters and how to best make use of our tiny patch of southern exposure. Growing up on the prairie, with parents who were both southeastern Nebraska farm kids, gardening was just what we knew. Agriculture was the fabric of our lives. So teaching my kid how to grow his own tomatoes and recognize a ripe pepper is right up there with learning to read on my list of How Not To Blow It As A Parent.

It's tougher in the city, though; we don't even really have land, so it will mean getting creative with container garden…

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