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75-minute Nourishing Flow for the Weary Protester

I created this free yoga practice for protesters whose hearts are heavy and whose bodies are weary. Here in Switzerland, we are horrified by the reports of escalating police brutality, news of the President tear-gassing American citizens, and journalists being arrested and beaten.

Yoga and meditation practices are, more than anything, designed to offer a refuge from suffering, a sanctuary from despair and disembodiment. So helping protesters reconnect with their breath and drop tenderly into their bodies feels like one tiny thing I can do from afar.

Inspired by Lama Rod Owens’s call to “decenter comfort,” this 75-minute gentle practice aims to nourish, ground and soothe exhausted #BLM protesters, activists, allies and loved ones. It closes with an 8 minute, 46 second seated meditation dedicated to George Floyd and other who’ve been murdered by police violence. Be sure to take a long savasana to close.

Here are the Black mindfulness and Liberation Theology scholar-activists that I menti…

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