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Do This Metta Meditation; Then Go Raise Hell.

This morning in class we flowed through the usual vinyasa and settled in for our final meditation before savasana. My heart’s been heavy, my anger fierce in the wake of the Parkland shooting. Like many of us, I feel simultaneously powerless and terrified and irate. So we offered the one thing I know how to do in those overwhelming moments of heartbreak: a metta meditation.

If you, too, are feeling heavy and heartache-y over this latest unconscionable carnage, do this metta meditation; then go raise hell.

Find a comfortable seat. Close your eyes, or leave them softly half-open. Let your belly get loose and soft, your breath deep and slow.

Start gently, by bringing to mind the face of someone you love so much you can barely stand it. Someone who walks into the room and lights up your life; someone for whom your heart beats. Picture their face and offer them this simple blessing:

May you, beloved, be safe and free from suffering. May you find peace.

Sit with the stillness that follows, …

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